10 Tips to find a good Estate Agent in Bryanston

When it comes to choosing a Real Estate company to sell your home in Bryanston there are many choices. Should you go with Seeff, RE/MAX, Pam Golding, Chas Everitt or a smaller well-known company? The decision can be a confusing one.

The most important factor to remember when choosing is that it is less about the company who represents you, and, in fact, more about the agent.

People (9)Here are some tips to consider when searching for the right agent:

  1. Ask around and find out if any of your friends and family who have recently sold their property had a good experience with their agent.
  2. Meet with at least three agents before deciding who can do the job the best. The agent may not always be representative the brand they work for.
  3. Never choose an agent purely on the basis of the promise of good money. Question an agent if they give you a far higher than the average valuation. Be realistic and not greedy. Can you afford to sit with an overpriced and undesirable property for a very long time? By setting the price right, your property will sell quickly at market value, without the stress and strain of additional show days and further inconveniences. Remember the market ultimately determines the price.
  4. Try not to be drawn in by the agent with the lowest commission fees. Would you trust an agent who so readily drops their commission fees, to push up a buyer to get the best price on your home? Like anything, the chances are you will get what you pay for. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Why wouldn’t that apply here?
  5. Consider the benefits of a ‘sole’ agent. A sole mandate allows one agent total control of how your property is represented to the market. They can manage the marketing strategy, and how much is spent on it, and strongly negotiate with buyers to get the best price. Good agents demand sole mandates as they are committed to selling property and are guaranteed of their remuneration. Other agents are afraid of putting the effort in, start dropping the price to attract buyers to them and use other tactics to secure the sale. Agents will fight over your property, not buyers.
  6. People (19)Ask questions. Discuss the agent’s intended marketing strategy. What specific tools are used to attract buyers? What is their track record? Why should you choose them? The answers to these questions will establish what kind of agent you’re dealing with.
  7. Be cautious when signing a mandate. Make sure the agent has explained everything clearly and ask questions if you feel you are not following. Be aware that according to the CPA (Consumer Protection Act), you are in your rights to terminate the mandate for any reason whatsoever on twenty business days’ notice in recorded manner. On cancelling, some agents may ask for 10% of the commission fee to cover marketing costs. Make sure you find out about these upfront.
  8. It is your right to ask your agent to see their Fidelity Fund Certificate. The FFC is issued to registered Estate Agents by the Estate Agents Affairs Board on an annual basis.
  9. Agents who show professional conduct and reliability from the outset will generally continue in this fashion and are unlikely to change once they are in your employ. It is necessary to monitor their behavior. Did they respond quickly to your email? Did they return your phone call? Are they punctual?
  10. Go with your gut. If you feel you agent relates to you and understands your needs, trust your feelings.

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