Show days give your property an advantage

It is a proven fact that properties that hold regular show days sell quicker. Even though buyers will usually sit for hours window shopping on the various property search engines, the buyers still enjoy seeing and touching the real thing.

Buyers are fixed on buying the Property Guide on Saturday and cutting out clippings of houses they like. Very organized, they will plan a route for their show day visits on Sunday. Those properties that are ‘view by appointment’ or ‘for exclusive viewing’ are discarded as they do not have a street address and the buyer simply cannot be bothered to phone the agent for details. They will, after all, check that property out online during the week when the window shopping commences.

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So even with all the inconvenience that it may cause having to be out the house for a couple hours on a Sunday, it’s nothing compared to frustration experience when your house simply won’t sell because it has not been given the proper exposure to the market.

Here are some other tips to ensure your home is ‘show day ready’.

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