Open day at the Cumberland Bird Sanctuary on Sundays

You are invited to come to the Cumberland Bird Sanctuary to enjoy a picnic and relaxing day in the sun. Open day is held on the first Sunday of every month. Gates open from 08:30 – 16:30.

Bring the family for a peaceful walk and/or a picnic! Please bear in mind that Bird Watching requires patience, quietness and a pair of binoculars.

PROFORCE will supply us with one of their Security Guards as usual for the day. Thanks to Darryn and his team at PROFORCE!

Entrance on Cumberland Ave (between Moray & Angus Rd) Enquiries:  Amanda – 082 903 9848

Newsletter from Amanda:

Paths, new Bridge, Aliens, TEMBO and Spring Day

Andrew Murray entrance

I have asked City Parks to cut a path open around the Andrew Murray entrance so that residents can use this gate again without having to do a ‘Bundu Bash’. Kobus Theunissen from City Parks has agreed to this and will arrange it when City Parks next have access to a contractor and it should be done by early September.

Alien vegetation

Frank Barnes and I met with Kobus Theunissen from City Parks and a group of managers from Working for Water, on 2nd May at the CBS, to discuss the removal of alien plants such as Lantana, Bugweed, Poplar and Bluegum saplings and Morning Glories which have become an enormous problem in the CBS! The Working for Water team have since indicated to Kobus that they need to do a Mapping of all of the alien vegetation in the park before any work can commence. This process is expected to take another 1½ months and Kobus is following up with Working for Water on an on-going basis.

Tembo / Pedestrian Bridge

We have been hoping to get a wooden pedestrian bridge replaced near to the Moray Street side of the park, for some time now and Frank Barnes has taken this on as a project! The installation of a bridge will again make it possible to do a circular walk in the park, something that a lot of residents have been asking for and which will hugely improve the walking paths in the CBS. As always funding has been a problem but some time ago Leon Winterboer, one of the Angus Road residents, put me in touch with Tembo, a hunting society that he is a member of. After a meeting at the CBS on 26th June which Mike Wood and I had with Andrew Kayser, the chairman of Tembo and Andre Uys from Tembo, they indicated their willingness to sponsor the wooden bridge and Tembo’s possible future involvement with environmental issues such as the control of alien vegetation.  This is very good news for the CBS and we would like to thank Tembo in anticipation of their proposed sponsorship! This is what Andre has sent me:

Tembo – Johannesburg North Branch of the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association of South Africa (SAHGCA)

SAHGCA currently exists with approximately 40 000 members. It is the largest hunting and related association in Africa. Tembo (Swahili for Elephant) was created in the early 2000’s to cater for the diverse cultures within the South African context. It was started under the auspices of the Transvaal Branch. The original number of members was 9. Today it represents more than a 1 000 members and caters for mainly English speaking members. Membership has grown as a result of the various requirements of the firearms act and related amendments.

Responsible firearm ownership, legal hunting and conservation are primary concerns within our group. As hunters we understand that conservation is a cornerstone to sustainable utilisation. We acknowledge that utilisation is for all parties and it is this acknowledgement that brings us to the project we are discussing.

We have submitted a quote from Rustic Timbers to Tembo for the replacement of the wooden bridge and hope to hear from them soon!

Spring Day

After this Sunday, our next Open Day falls on the 1st September which is Spring Day, so do diarise this to visit the CBS on that day to celebrate the arrival of Spring!

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