Corporates, please support FUNDI!

FUNDI is looking for corporate donations to assist them with their community projects.

FUNDI is a non-profit organisation that registers, verifies and evaluates mainly “informal” skilled labour that can clean pavements and sections of the Spruit in Bryanston.

Fundi can then issue the corporate with a Section 18A Tax Deductible Receipt. Your donation would be tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (930005561). Depending on your status they could earn additional BBE points as the project could be recognised as an Enterprise Development project.

Help make a difference and support FUNDI today. or call on 0861 138634.

To sponsor the “Adopt a Pavement/River” project, please call Leigh Roos on 082 494 4143.

For tips and advice on selling your property in Bryanston, click here.

Bryanston Drive sign.

Support projects in Bryanston.

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