Help us petition the City to remove squatters from Spruit

The Parkmore Community Association has initiated a petition calling on the City to remove the Squatters living along the banks of the Braamfontein Spruit. They are challenging all communities along the spruit to complete this petition.

Clean Spruit pic

You are all well aware of the issue of the squatters along the Braamfontein Spruit that runs through our suburbs. It has become apparent over the last few months that the number of squatters setting up camp along the Spruit is increasing at an alarming rate. The structures they are erecting are becoming more permanent and in some instances they are now growing crops alongside the river. We have all voiced our concerns to the ward councillors.

However, the city council is not recognising that there is a problem due to the fact that we have not complained about this issue with them frequently enough.  As a consequence, our councilors are being told the “there is no problem” and the city is not reacting to the issue.

There is absolutely no time for it to “be someone else’s problem” it is our problem, it is here and it is now.

Please find below the petition document. Council will only accept one petition per person. This means that each person petitioning this has to fill out their own form.

Please do so as a matter of urgency, we need these petitions completed and handed in to councillors.

Once you have completed the form, please  forward it to  You can also forward the completed petition form to Ian Tumiel of the Bryanston East Community Forum at  or to Cllr Vincent Earp at

Please feel free to share with friends, neighbours and family on Twitter and Facebook.

2013 PCA challenge to Residents to Petition August 14

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