Look and log problems in Bryanston

The more of us that start logging problems in Bryanston, the faster action will be taken.

Please keep a look out for anything that needs attention in our neighbourhood, like water leaks, fire hydrant leaks, street lights not working, dumping or missing manhole covers and log all issues with the City.

Please find below the list of the various municipal owner entities and their contact numbers to report any problems.

Look and Log Campaign -001

Look and Log Campaign - 002

Find out more about Bryanston Community News.

If you want to share a story or make the community aware of your cause, please feel free to contact Donna.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent in Bryanston that is making a difference and is committed to service excellence, contact Donna now.


2 responses to “Look and log problems in Bryanston

  1. The men who beg at corner Bryanston Drive and Main are a traffic hazard. They accumulate bags of rubbish from people that helps to bring rats and filth. They urinate all day and make Bryanston look bad. They also have been involved we believe as spotters for crime in the Bryanston Drive area. have contacted JMPD and Sandton police but nothing happens except those people are there everyday. Help is needed to get them removed. Why is this permitted?

  2. Hi Merilyn, I agree and your comments are very valid. Unfortunately, if the City were to remove these people, they would probably be back the next day. The only way to discourage them is not contribute to their cause and hopefully they’ll move on. I will raise this with our Cllr Earp to see if he can assist us.

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