Is your home ready for photos?

It is very important to present your property in the best manner possible. Good photographs of your home will add enormous value to your marketing campaign and bring in the quality buyers.

To make the most of your photos, it is vital to prepare your home correctly. Here’s how…

Exterior (18)


  1. Entrance: The pavement of your property should be free of any garden or building rubble you are yet to take away. Ensure your house number is displayed, not necessarily for the photos, but for when buyers come to view. The garden should be manicured and the leaves on the driveway swept away. Ensure all vehicles are parked where they cannot obstruct the view for the photographer.
  2. Inside your home: Clear away any cluster and limit the number of personal framed photos around the house. During indoor photo shoots the lights are always on. Make sure all light bulbs are working, including those in lampshades.
  3. Kitchen: Pack away all unnecessary items. Add a vase of fresh flowers (that can be moved throughout the house for other photos), and a bowl of fruit. De-clutter the fridge magnets.
  4. Scullery and laundry area: During the photo shoot ensure that this area is kept clean and tidy. Ensure that there are no dishes lying around and any laundry is taken off the line.
  5. Bedrooms: Clear away your bedside tables of any books or personal items, like framed photos. Make sure the bedding is fresh and the beds are made. Use accessories like cushions and throws.
  6. Bathrooms: Pack away all your shampoo, conditioner and face wash bottles, leave out what’s necessary. Add some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  7. Study: Clear away any paperwork on the top of your desk and any storage boxes left on the floor.
  8. Swimming pool: Your pool should be sparkling and blue. Take off the net or cover during photo shoot. Make sure any children’s toys like blowup balls and lilos are packed away.
  9. Garden: The lawn should be mowed and leaves raked away. Don’t leave any unexplained holes dug up in your garden. Please ensure that any children’s items like trampolines or soccer balls are packed or moved away.

Looking for more advice and tips on property or simply want to chat to Donna about your property.

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