Whatsapp to stop crime in Bryanston

The Sandton CPF Sector 2, incorporating Bryanston East, are starting a new communication initiative in November to help reduce crime in the area. With the use of the mobile application, WhatsApp, the residents can pro-actively alert their neighbours to any safety threats, suspicious activities, crimes in progress or call for help in real time.


Each neighbourhood group will have an administrator who will feed relevant information into the Sandton CPF central core which in turn will inform other areas of Bryanston and SAPS as necessary. A proactive, informed community are a serious deterrent to would be criminals! 

Simply put it will work like this:-

  1. Resident sends WhatsApp to their neighbourhood group
  2. Local group administrator/community representative sends message to members of Sandton CPF
  3. Members of Sandton CPF send to their residents
  4. Sandton CPF group administrator sends information (if relevant) to SAPS

We are putting these groups together as Bryanston is broken up into many street enclosures and in most cases criminals move from one enclosure to another. We often find that information on crime in one enclosure is not quickly and adequately disseminated to the surrounding neighbours and therefore the crime wave moves through the suburbs.  If the information on criminal activity, with as much detail as possible; description of vehicles, registration, number of perpetrators, modus operandi, etc is received across a wide number of residents – imagine the number of eyes and ears that are observing and with the sharing of information we can assist police in catching and hopefully preventing these crime waves moving through Sector 2.

We encourage each street enclosure and neighbourhood community to participate by starting a WhatsApp group with a trusted community representative or street liaison taking responsibility to forward to the central group.  By making the groups small and relevant to each neighbourhood you will get information immediately specific to your area and not be inundated with messages from other areas BUT through your local group administrator/community representative you will receive select information pertaining to Sector 2 crime fighting.

Join us at the next Sandton CPF Sector 2 Community meeting taking place on Thursday, 5 December for information on how this incredibly simple initiative works.  The more areas we have represented by these WhatsApp groups, the better this initiative will work. It is therefore vital that each street, whether they are in an enclosure or not, sends a representative to attend this meeting. We welcome any residents who want to learn more to attend. If anyone has any questions, we have set up a dedicated email for this initiative whatsapp2@becf.co.za.

Read the article in the Sandton Chronicle (20/11/2013).

Find out more about Bryanston Community News.

If you want to share a story or make the community aware of your cause, please feel free to contact Donna.

3 responses to “Whatsapp to stop crime in Bryanston

  1. Hi. I’d like to know if Bryanston, ext 8 is part of this community forum, please? It’s the first time I hear about this forum and seeing there are new owners on Moray Drive, they too would like to know what is happening in the area. This after having a family at 13A Moray Drive being held at gun point last night, 23 March, 2015 at around 10 pm, thieves are going through the bird sanctuary as always, which is not secured from the side of the highway and the gate is often left open. Would anyone know who the responsible people are for the sanctuary to have it gated/secured after so many break ins through that sanctuary? We’ve had 6 break ins to date. We would like to know when your next meeting is? Also, the sewer issues coming from the same bird sanctuary that we’ve reported time and again to the municipality does not get sorted. Thanks.

    • Hi Cindy. I’m sorry to hear about your incident last night and hope no one was seriously hurt. Please kindly send me your email address and I will send a mail to the Councillor and the custodian of the Bird Sanctuary so this matter can be addressed urgently. donna@remax-masters.co.za.

    • Just on the whatsapp group, this particular article is talking about the group specific to Bryanston East. Saying this, however, there are many groups being set up throughout Bryanston. Your RA may already have one set up. I’m happy to help you find out via email.

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