Tips for the holidays

The holiday season is around the corner, but before we wind down, there are important tips to consider when leaving for your holiday.

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Tips for the holidays:

  1. Make sure your household insurance is up-to-date.
  2. Ensure your security precautions are in working order, does the electric fence work? Are all your beams in working order? Lock all side gates and doors.
  3. Know your neighbours and build a relationship of trust. Inform them when you are going away and leave your number for them to call in case of emergencies.
  4. Make sure you inform your domestic worker not to give out information that you are going away.
  5. Do not allow any newspapers, junkmail or rubbish to accumulate on your pavement. Ask your housesitter or neighbour to clear up for you.
  6. Inform your housesitter/domestic worker of scams and not to allow any unannounced servicemen posing as TV licence staff or telephone repairmen, in the gate. Emphasise the need for security for your domestic worker so too ensuring their own safety.
  7. Do not leave keys in a hidden place (under the mat) for your housesitter.
  8. Leave emergency numbers with your housesitter.
  9. Do not leave lights on in the house that you do not normally have switched on. All the lights on is an invitation to criminals.
  10. Store your firearms in a safe and keep the safe keys with you.
  11. Take your car keys with you. Criminals will often use your vehicle to make a quick get-away with all your belonging inside.
  12. Lock away all your electronic devices, like iPads, laptops and cell phones.

Please report any break ins, whether items were stolen or not to your nearest Police Station.

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