Patience and selling go hand in hand

“Selling requires patience”… this is one thing the agent forgot to tell you. Once your mind is set on selling, you automatically start planning life after the sale. However, when your property goes onto the market it can take some time before a nibble becomes a bite.

You start asking questions like “Why didn’t that buyer who viewed want to put in an offer”, “What is my agent doing?” and “How much longer until my property sells?”

There are various aspects to think about when your patience is running low. These are tips that pertain to you only if your home is truly priced right and your agent is on the ball.

1)      Is my property priced in the higher price bracket?

If your property is over R5 million, it is understandable that there will be less buyers in the market than at the R900K level where there are many, many buyers.

2)      If you are looking for top dollar, does your home look like it deserves top dollar?

If you need to re-paint and do minor maintenance work to get your home up to standard, do not hesitate to get it done immediately.

3)      Is my home located in an Estate that only appeals to a certain buyer?

If you home is situated inside an exclusive Estate that offers a ‘lifestyle’ more than a location and is perhaps out-of-town, remember your buyers will be limited.

Hopefully, this sets your mind at ease. Remember, just like you, buyers in the high end of the market like to take their time when purchasing a home. There is nothing wrong with your magnificent home, you’re just waiting for that perfect buyer.

If you would like Donna to assist you with getting your property on the market, please contact Donna now!


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