5 Advantages of a sole mandate:

  1. Agents working off a sole mandate offer a greater level of commitment to the Seller as they are guaranteed to be remunerated when they successfully close the deal.
  2. A higher level of service is achieved through sole mandate as the agent is essentially employed by the Seller. The agent will exhaust all means to pursue qualified buyers. They will price council the Seller and review their marketing strategy on a regular basis, agents tend to return calls faster and provide feedback regularly.
  3. Sole agents are accountable to the Real Estate Company they work for. They are closely monitored by their Senior Manager and receive the best support from their marketing department to ensure that maximum exposure is given to result in a successful sale.
  4. Sellers do not have to worry about claims from other agents for commission.
  5. Properties are more often sold at a higher price through sole mandate.People (16)

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For more information on sole and open mandates, read here.

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