Spring is here. This is the perfect time to sell, are you ready?

This time of the year is when the the real estate market picks up. We see an increase in buyer activity and houses tend to fly off the shelf.

As a Seller, this is the perfect time to put your home on the market to achieve the best results.

Here are tips to follow:

TIP #1: De-clutter. Sometimes to make your home more appealing, you need to de-clutter. Not only do you need to sort out that study (once and for all), it includes packing away all your personal photo frames and clearing everything off your fridge doors.

TIP #2: Curb appeal. Your pavement and driveway should be clean, swept and clear of any rubble. Spend some money on plants for your pavement.

TIP #3: Exterior: A fresh coat of paint will be the best investment you make.

TIP #4: Entrance: Focus on lighting and replace any dead pot plants.

TIP #5: Outside: Mow the lawn, neaten the garden beds and hedges.

TIP #6: Inside: Bathroom – Time to find a permanent home for the shampoo, facewash and other items that make your bathroom look messy.

TIP #7: Inside: Light bulbs – Go through your home and make sure all your light bulbs are working. You may not think it’s important, however if buyers are viewing your home and switch on a light that doesn’t work, they get a feeling that the house is not looked after.

TIP #8: Inside: Carpets – Steam cleaning your carpets can make them look brand new.

TIP #9: Showdays: Start attending showdays in your area. Make note on the value and price and compare with your own home.

TIP #10: Agent: Ask your friends and family who have recently sold, if they can recommend their agent. You may meet the right agent at a showday you visited.

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Here are some tips to help you find a good agent.

Contact me now to discuss any property related queries, whether you are looking particularly in Bryanston and surrounds.



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