Spring is the time to sell, is your home ready?

Spring is traditionally the time of the year that buyers actively start looking for their dream home. If you plan to put your house on the market, in order to maximize your sale price, stand out from the competition and sell quickly, your home needs to go on the market in tip-top condition.

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Homeowners need a thoughtful plan and use their time and money effectively to attract buyers. The first impression is the only impression.

If you plan to put your property on the market this Spring, here are 6 pointers to take action now:

  • Think curb appeal: Does the entrance to your home look welcoming? Driving into the driveway and walking to the front door sets the expectation for the buyer. Make sure the number outside the house is in plain sight and not hidden by overgrown branches. If you have recently completed renovations, remove all the building rubble on the pavement. Ensure your hedges are trimmed and the dead pot plants replaced.
  • Paint it: A fresh coat of paint will be the best investment you can make. Any scuff marks or dirt gives the home that unkempt feeling. This is, however, not the time to get adventurous, keep your colours neutral.
  • Repair and replace: Replace fascias that have fallen off the roof and broken windows. Fix loose door handles and squeaky door. Replace those light bulbs that have flown. Replace broken tiles, take the time to clean or re-grout tiles. Be careful not to give the buyer an excuse to drop the price by leaving obvious flaws.
  • Clean: Spring clean your home by washing the carpets and cleaning rugs. Get rid of unwanted pet smells. Pack away the medicines from the kitchen window sill and remove the piles of magazines in the bathroom.
  • Declutter and depersonalise: Start seeing your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. The more personal stuff in your house, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Take down the collectibles, religious items and numerous family photos.
  • Garden: Plant some colour in the garden with new seedlings. Mow the lawn and make sure the swimming pool is sparkling.

The sale of your home is likely one of your biggest financial transactions. Find an estate agent to join your team early and list the changes you need to make before entering the market. Smart planning and a good strategy will ensure a quick, painless and profitable home sale.

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