Top 5 tips when hiring an Estate Agent

Choosing the right Estate Agent can make all the difference to successfully selling your home.

Here are some point to keep in mind when hiring your Agent:

  1. Go with your gut. If you feel you can trust the Agent and believe he/she has your best interests at heart, go with it.
  2. If you feel you’re being forced into committing or feel uncomfortable with the pace of the Agent, make your views understood and remember that it is your home and you can say ‘no’.
  3. Be wary of an Agent who over-prices your property in order impress you and win a ‘sole’ mandate.
  4. Keep in mind that an open mandate leaves you open to ‘double’ commission.
  5. Do not feel pressured to hire the estate agent you bought your house from. Obviously, if you were impressed how they sold your house to you, you might decide to go with them again.

For the third year in a row, Donna has been awarded with the ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ Award.

As my client, you can sit back and relax. Put me to work! Call now 083 299 1575,

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