1)      Prepare a list

Make a list all your home requirements, ie number of bedrooms, a covered area for entertaining, a garden for the dog or a cottage for granny.

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2)      Know what you can afford

Fall in love with the house you CAN afford. Apply for a pre-qualification bond through your bank so you know exactly what you can realistically afford. Do a credit check on yourself. You can usually obtain one for free from any credit check agency. Remember to consider the cash you will need for the deposit (usually 10%), transfer fees, bond fees and home improvements. Don’t forget the municipality will require at least six months’ rates and utility usage clearance once your own property sells.

3)      Start the search

Check out property search engines, such as,, and other online searches and The Star newspaper on the weekend to see what’s currently on the market and what you can buy for your money. Remember to do some research and compare other properties on the market that are selling at the same price your home is – these are your competitors. You do not want your home to help sell theirs if it is overpriced.

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4)      Find a good Real Estate Agent

Find an agent that you can relate to and you feel will represent your property in the best possible manner. Opt for a sole mandate where one agent has full control over the marketing. A sole agent can create a platform for competing buyers and can get the best price.

5)      Ask questions

No matter how silly you think it is, ask the questions. Selling or buying a home is a serious financial decision, get the answers.

Looking for more advice relating to selling your home, contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss further.

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