5 Top Tips for when buyers come to look at your home

When you put your house on the market you will need to be open to buyers coming to view the property during the week. These viewings can take place after work and inevitably during your dinner time. Be patient and flexible as you do not want to miss the buyer that says “This is the one!” Here are some tips for when the buyers come to view:



  1. Don’t rush around to make the house look like a showroom. Buyers like to imagine how their family would live there.
  2. Do lay low and allow the buyer to feel comfortable looking around your home.
  3. Do lock away your dogs as they can distract or scare potential buyers.
  4. Don’t have a chat to the buyer as you may slip up and tell them about the break-in down the road, putting off any buyer.
  5. Do let the agent do their job. Avoid discussing price or terms with the buyer.

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