Keeping your home safe over the festive season

Before we start counting the days until our holidays over the festive season, we need to give thought to the fact that this time of the year generally sees an increase in crime, and we need to take precautions now.

This increase in crime over the festive season can be linked to a few different factors. Firstly, it’s a time of financial strain for many. Many businesses close or slow down and so there is less work for casual labourers. People that do not earn during this time may be forced to turn to crime to feed their families. Secondly, people, while enjoying the holiday mood and great weather, become unwittingly vulnerable to crime by letting their guard down. Doors and windows are left open and families spend more time outdoors, this can provide opportunities for criminals to take advantage. Lastly, criminals on the lookout are quick to notice when homes are vacant while people are on holiday. These homes provide easy targets for criminals to help themselves while no one is watching.

Tips to keep you and your home safe:

  1. Always stay aware of your surroundings and remain vigilant, criminals may strike when your guard is down.
  2. Ensure your home is properly secure while you are away – test your alarm and electric fence.
  3. Inform your neighbours that you will be away and give them a set of keys or alarm remote, if necessary they can access your property.
  4. Cancel your newspaper subscription or ask someone to collect it along with your post.
  5. Consider hiring a house-sitter or keeping staff on while away to keep your house active.
  6. Use your security company’s meet and greet service when returning from shopping centres with your Christmas shopping or returning home from the airport or holiday.

Keep safe over the festive season!

Donna (RE/MAX Masters) is open throughout December should you require assistance with the sale of your home. Some of our best sales are during the festive season, when buyers are relaxed and have time to look for their ‘dream home’. Call Donna on 0832991575 for any advise or help.

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