Top tips for you and your toddler at the beach

Here are a few top tips for you and your toddle on the beach this holiday season.

  1. Apply sun cream (factor 50+) before heading out – kids do not like sand coated hands for cream application.
  2. Use reusable swim nappies for non-potty trained toddlers – no rubbish on the beach and can put them in a wet bag to return home for washing
  3. Sunsuits are brilliant – if you need to reapply sun cream then you have less space to cover
  4. Bring double the amount of towels that you will need – keep 1 dry set in the car with a change of clothes – that way there won’t be any problem when the toddler can’t wait and runs into the sea fully clothed (yes that has happened)
  5. Bags to put all the essential finds in from the trip to the beach – shells, sea weed, bits of crabs!
  6. Take a lunch with you – toddlers will not want to the leave the beach and getting everything off the beach and then back is not fun at all – tomorrow I will sharing some sandwich making for toddlers and preschoolers to get them involved in the preparation
  7. Pack so that you can hold hands/carry if needed a back pack for your toddler is great you can put in their drink, some sand toys and then they feel like they have a role in going to the beach
  8. A kids trailer is great – it works for transporting everything over the sand and is also great fun when you are on the beach
  9. If you can get hold of them wrist bands for the kids are great put your phone number on and surname then if they wonder off and you loose them you can be contacted (remember to have your cell phone with you). There are also apps for your phone these days so you can locate your kids if they go wondering.


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