Summer lovers be warned: the tell-tale signs of Autumn are here. The mornings now greet us with an icy embrace and evening creeps in earlier and earlier each day. But, there is no need for frost-phobic homeowners to sound the alarm bells; plenty can be done to prepare for this coming snuggle season.

Strengthen your first line of defence 
The thought of Autumn’s arrival makes many unpleasant chores spring to mind, like cleaning out the gutters and resealing the window panes. Remember that if you do not want the cold to get in, then you need to start on the outside by ensuring that your house is weathertight. This includes all other general maintenance, such as:

  • Varnishing timber window and door frames
  • Checking the chimney flute and outside drains for blockages
  • Doing a roof inspection to check for lose shingles
  • Trimming back on large trees or shrubs in case of strong winds

Stow away Summer
As difficult as it is to say goodbye to Summer, there are certain things that need to be stored or rescheduled before Winter arrives. Automatic sprinklers, for example, need to be reset so that you do not end up wasting water. Seasonal furniture and outdoor décor should also get stowed away and, unless you are planning your very own Polar Bear jump, pools should be covered to avoid debris from falling in and clogging up the filtering system.

Unpack Autumn
The empty space that the Summer remnants once occupied can easily be filled with Autumn knick-knacks. It is time to cosy up your space by pulling out your heaters and thick feather duvets. Other small decorative touches like fluffy, thick throws and mats can also do a lot to warm up a space.

Build a survival kit
Firewood is an Autumn essential for those who have indoor fireplaces. Try to beat the peak-season price-hike by stocking up early. It is also a good idea to refresh your emergency kit supply in case of electricity outages or extreme lockdown weather conditions. Things such as torch batteries, candles and matches will all be useful in this respect. While you’re at it, why not stock up on food supplies as well? ‘Tis the season to stay inside and snack, so make sure you have a steady supply of hot chocolate, popcorn and any other treats worth crunching on during your many nights in this Autumn.

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