Moving With Pets Can Be Tricky

Congrats: all your legal paperwork has gone through and the registration of your property is right around the corner.

If anything, it’ll now be time to start stressing about D-Day: the moving day. The stress will be even more so when there are pets involved.

Moving with pets can be tricky!

Here are some top tips to help you make the move as pleasant as possible for your furry family members, as well as reducing any unnecessary stress for you as the owner:

1 – Get a pet carrier

This is very important for their security and to help them feel safe and secure.

Get them used to it by leaving it open in your home a few weeks prior to the move, attract them to it by putting their blanket, favourite toy and treats in the carrier.

2 – Don’t forget to give them tags with contact details

As an extra safety measure, double check if all of the animal’s information is updated (and tagged).

Visit your vet: s/he will have very helpful information on how best to care for your pet through the moving process.

And if you have a very nervous dog or cat, they may also prescribe a mild tranquilizer to ease your pet’s anxiety.

3 – Don’t feed the pets (a few hours before the move)

Their nervousness, coupled with a car trip may cause them to be sick.

Instead, feed them at the new place.

4 – Different pets require different care when relocating them

Dogs are easier and travel better than cats, which are territorial and need the same surroundings to feel secure.

Consult with your vet for advice on how to handle your particular pet(s).

5 – Keep your pets away from all the moving madness

Try to keep them in a room away from all the strangers and activity will decrease nervousness, keep their water, litter boxes, toys and beds with them.

6 – Ditto at the new house

Have a sign on the door that says “Pets, do not open”; in this way, you will hopefully keep movers out.

After all, your little furry friend(s) need time adjusting to their new environment as well.

7 – Catnip & dogs calming spray

Perhaps not something you were thinking of but please do consider using a mild tranquilizer to ease your pet’s anxiety. At the end of the day, that little bit of drugs will make a huge difference on the animals’ behavior during the move.

Thought of using a ‘pet move‘ checklist on the day? How about delegating this assignment to one of the children or younger cousins as their responsibility of the day?

As you can see/read, the majority of these tips are quick and easy to followJust some preparation ahead of time can save you quite the stress during the day.

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