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I am Donna Sipman and I am property consultant for Bryanston and the surrounding areas. I love my job and work hard to get results.

I am always looking for new avenues to give my portfolio of properties the best exposure. I have the ability to control my marketing strategy (unlike other agents) and have advertised in publications that are specifically aimed at the correct target market. The publications have included the Khuluma (Kulula inflight Magazine), Sawubona, Forbes Africa, Real Estate Magazine, Business Day, Property Junction and The Argus, nationally, and the more local, the Property Guide, to reach high-level Executives who travel, African businessmen and other discerning buyers. I will use any medium to gain an advantage in the market and have built up relationships with the likes of Top Billing and Win a Home to get TV coverage.

I have also written numerous ‘property expert’ articles online for Property 24, Private Property, and other property-related websites as well as my own blog (where I take advantage to pitch a home) and have been published in The Saturday Star and The Sunday Times

I have the privilege to assist my Sellers in all areas around the country, from selling townhouses to luxury homes. My clients choose me because of my pro-active, personalised and professional approach to selling property. I am grateful to have won numerous Customer Service Awards due to the great feedback I have received from all my clients.

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Agent for RE/MAX Collection of Fine Homes and Luxury Properties

How I work:

Interestingly, most Sellers assume that all agents work in the same way, however, this is incorrect. I often have to inform my Sellers on the unique way that I work.

With my model, I have to strategically calculate how to package your home to market, research what avenues will give me maximum exposure, aggressively qualify buyers, and powerfully negotiate the sale. I have your property front of mind every single day throughout the sales process. I am, in effect, contracted to you and am fully committed. I take on the ‘risk’ as I am running my own business and the expenses come out of my own pocket. This way I am more thorough and ensure my income is secured. In the same way that you have to get a sense of trust with your agent of choice, I have to qualify my Sellers to ensure that I make the right business decision.

I mainly work under ‘Exclusive Mandate’ and that is because under our model with my Agency, I run my ‘own business’. This means that, unlike most agents, I personally pay for all the marketing expenses incurred on your property during the sale. This includes the photographer, the internet exposure, the print media marketing campaign through the Property Guide and adverts placed through other publications, and for the use of my office, as in the administrators and marketing department, and so forth. Other such agents do not work under this model. Their agency pays for everything including the smallest things from their business cards to the advertising in the media. These agents take on ‘no risk’ and usually take a ‘passive’ approach to selling. There is nothing wrong with this as it suits these individuals.

More about Donna:

Since an early age, I have had a great interest in property, and after years of working in the Financial and then Technology sector in the corporate world, my career inevitably resulted in becoming a Real Estate Agent.

My interest began with an enjoyment for gardening. When I ran (mostly walked) the streets of Bryanston, I would always stick my head into people’s driveways to sneak a peek at their wonderful gardens. I’ll often attend open gardens to get inspiration from what other people have created in their gardens. Reading every gardening book I could get my hands on eventually lead me to my next passion for property itself.

I am a complete admirer of properties. I am so excited to see what people have done in their homes, whether it’s a new build with stylish finishes, a renovation with a beautiful new kitchen, or a golden oldie. I am also fanatical about collecting books and magazines on homes and decorating. If you’re anything like me, each month when I do my grocery shopping I have an arm full of the latest home and gardening magazines ready for that quiet moment at home when I can get my fix. Of course, my most watched channel is the ‘Home Channel’.

My favourite topics of discussion are around property, building, selling, buying, renovating and gardening. It is a privilege for me to talk about these awesome topics on this blog. If I can ever be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss any of your real estate related questions.

I am honoured to share this information with you and encourage you to add your comments and mostly enjoy the content.

Thanks and happy reading!


Please feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss your property needs and get your home onto the road to a successful sale.

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